September 22, 2008

hari raya offers!

a BIG apologize to all of you guys! i wouldn't be able to post new items any sooner since most of our items were sold out at bijou bazaar last Sunday (thanks alot to those who had shopped with triplebee) :) i'm gonna be extremely busy this whole week preparing for Hari Raya and couldn't manage to collect new items from the supplier. but don't worry i will post the new items latest by Sunday and i have lots lots lots and lotssss to offer! so theres still time for you to shop for Hari Raya! :) and the good news is...triplebee gonna have a SPECIAL BIG BARGAIN for Hari Raya! sooooo there wouldn't be any reason for you not to keep yourself updated with us! ;)

love,triplebee. :)