July 24, 2009

we'll be back in August!

hello dear shoppers! :)


thank you for all your support and concern.
the reason I created this post is to inform all that eventhough triplebee is slow in updates,
we're STILL in business.

thousand apologize if you received late email replies, do know that I am currently busy with college as I just entered my third year of degree. I couldnt manage to spend more time on triplebee
like before. :(

however all you have to know is, I am glad to say that triplebee will be back to serve your fashion needs on AUGUST!! :)

I promise ill try to update as much and as often as possible,
and take note coz there'll might be some changes.
surprise not, I'll come out with a new layout which is more flexible to all internet browsers.
there're also some major changes in triplebee points.
forgive me if the changes might dissapoint
all my loyal triplebeepoints collector as I am terminating the special rewards system.
if you wonder why I terminated this reward system is because I couldnt access the triplebeepoints' blog account and due to the lost of data in my laptop as well as I mentioned before,
I could not spend too much time on business because of my studies.
but, afraid not, loyal active customer
will definitely still get discounts! *wink*
(t&c applies)

I really hope you'll understand my situation.
do check us out on AUGUST because triplebee will be back on track with more affordable and amazing clothes and accessories though there'll be slightly some changes! *finger cross*

stay tuned! :)